30.06.2010, Rene Kemp

'Transition research has made a name, but not yet a school'

‘This book is unique because different kinds of expertise are brought together. This is also the strength of the transition perspective: to make visible an array of aspects visible, in their mutual coherency. There is little attention in science for transitions as layered, interrelated processes of transformation. As a researcher you have to be a jack of multiple trades, which most researchers are not. To the extent that transition research has made a name, it has not become a school thus far. Universities tend to be organizations of specialists, specialized within their own specialism. The end result is partial understanding, of which we have too much.'




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Transitions to Sustainable Development

by John Grin, Jan Rotmans, Johan Schot, in collaboration with Frank Geels and Derk Loorbach

This recent study, published by Routledge, presents and combines three perspectives on transitions to a sustainable society: complexity theory, inn

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