23.11.2010, Johan Schot

Electric vehicle an elusive dream?

The electric vehicle has been an elusive dream for a long time. It competed with gasoline cars around 1900 and it lost. It came back in the 1970s and 1990s. Many people expected that by 2000 hundred thousand electric cars would hit the road. Nothing happend. GM did not deliver the famed Impact. Other companies also failed to fulfill the promise.

Yet in 2010 electric vehicles are on the road again. The question is: will it be different this time? My answer will come tomorrow (November 23) when I speak at International Electric Car Conference which is part of the Energy Delta Convention held in Groningen. Students will provide their answer too, during the E-car thesis award ceremony organized by Joris Luyendijk.

20 May 16:42
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John Modra
1 March 23:15
Well what was your summary ? HC fuels seem to be the best . The main problem seems to be that the low price discourages alternative production sources .However lets use the time before they become expensive to prevent quickfix . biofuels can carelessly pressure land use and disturb food production. http://designwithnature.blogspot.com
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