25.01.2011, Joris Lohman

Transition theory provides hope for activists

For my thesis in policy science at the University of Amsterdam, I conducted research on a possible transition in agriculture in the province of North-Holland in the Netherlands. As a master student I was inspired by transition literature. It gave me a scientific tool to underpin my belief in the possibility to change the system in a sustainable way.

16.12.2010, Fred Steward

Change into a low carbon innovator or entrepreneur

 Fred Steward, professor of Innovation and Sustainability at the Policy Studies Institute in London.

14.12.2010, Lydia Sterrenberg

Transition knowledge still too academic for practioners

25.11.2010, Johan Schot

The future of electric mobility

Is there a future for the electric vehicle? A simple yes or no will not do, as became clear during the International Electric Car Conference held In Groningen November 23-24. In the concluding session organized by the electric mobility journalist Joris Luyendijk a prize for the best bachelor or master e-car thesis was awarded by H.H. Prince Maurits van Oranje, chairman of the Formule-E team.

23.11.2010, Johan Schot

Electric vehicle an elusive dream?

The electric vehicle has been an elusive dream for a long time. It competed with gasoline cars around 1900 and it lost. It came back in the 1970s and 1990s. Many people expected that by 2000 hundred thousand electric cars would hit the road. Nothing happend. GM did not deliver the famed Impact. Other companies also failed to fulfill the promise.

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Transitions to Sustainable Development

by John Grin, Jan Rotmans, Johan Schot, in collaboration with Frank Geels and Derk Loorbach

This recent study, published by Routledge, presents and combines three perspectives on transitions to a sustainable society: complexity theory, inn

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