15.11.2010, Marjan Minnesma

We want sun!

Let's show Dutch politicians that society doesn't want to wait any longer and starts introducing solar energy faster and on a larger scale itself. That is the intention of the new FoundationWe Want Sun', a co-production of Urgenda, worldwide operating Dutch companies like TNT and Rabobank and various social and environmental organisations. On the National Day of Sustainability that took place in the Netherlands at the 11th of November, the Foundation launched a campaign to sell ten thousand sonar panels with a capacity of 20 megawatt each. If this goal is reached before the end of the year, ‘We Want Sun' can deliver the panels for a price equal to the subsidized ones.

When the campaign is a success then other major projects for solar energy in the Netherlands will follow. In this way the Foundation wants to create a new, enthusiastic and practical movement that wants to reform our society in a sustainable way. And we want to prove the authorities that if they wait to long with taking the right measures people take their own responsibility to enforce the changes that are needed. The new Foundation has made a deal with a Chinese partner about delivering high quality, A-level solar panels for less than a B-level price. Under the condition that ‘We Want Sun' succeeds in the selling of then thousand solar panels in a bit more time than one month. Each day the Foundation reports about the advancement of the campaign at the site www.urgenda.nl

Mark Soetman
16 November 14:50
I pitched the idea earlier via Twitter: NUON has gold in hands with Helianthos. These solar cells are made 'on the role' and generate electicity on an affordable basis. Instead of focusing on higher energy levels acquired per square meter, Helianthos focused on low costs, thus making it affordable per megawatt when used on larger surfaces. All rooftops for instance. They are - after several years of research and development - operational now! Too bad that NUON is now owned by Vattenfall that immediately terminated the initiative. In my humble opinion this is a disgrace. A lot of funding - among which subsidees from the Dutch government - go down the tube. Wouldn't it be a good idea for Urgenda - maybe in compliance with several other foundations and/or companies - to make this one of its famous 'icon projects'? Thereby saving it for the future?
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