06.05.2010, Jan Rotmans

'A transition thinker is researcher and part of the transition'

‘This book provided the foundation of transition theory. It contains the best knowledge we have available. This is why it constitutes the beginning of a new discipline: transition studies. It is a controversial and new field. Transition studies, after all, is trans-, multi-, and interdisciplinary, which makes it comprehensive and complex. It calls not only for scientific knowledge, but also for social knowledge. As such this new field changes ways of doing research as well. As transition thinker you are not just researcher, but you are also part of the transition. You try to explore and to give direction.' 



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Transitions to Sustainable Development

by John Grin, Jan Rotmans, Johan Schot, in collaboration with Frank Geels and Derk Loorbach

This recent study, published by Routledge, presents and combines three perspectives on transitions to a sustainable society: complexity theory, inn

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